About Us

In the midst of the mountains, deep in the forest, at the heart of a beautiful ecological farm, Kodaikanal Yoga Center is a magical space for spiritual practice, in tune with nature.

Accommodation in Nat...

Wake up listing to birds, with breathtaking views all around, walking on the earth with no roads, no electricity lines, no shops, and no pollution. Our yoga center is located deep in a magical forest – at the heart of Karuna Farm, allowing a real experience of nature and living...

Host Your Workshop

Teachers & organizers of workshops who are interested in venue rental to host their own group workshops here, we invite you to come and make use of this unique space. We welcome workshops, retreats, courses and events to come and take place.

Self Practice

We invite practitioners that wish to practice on their own, to come and make use of this beautiful space.

Along with the regular daily yoga classes, we offer possibilities for self practice and personal retreats.

Yoga for kids

We now also offer Yoga for children at our center. Classes are small and personally adjusted to the group. We welcome all children above the age of six to come and experience a quite and fun practice.   “It was very nice, we did a lot all kinds of postures, like dog, cat and cobra....

Eco Design

Building the center using mainly natural materials, we were taken on a journey of learning and applying many different approaches of building techniques and materials, some more traditional and classical, while others more modern and alternative.